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New Study

Observing the development of a deep-sea greenhouse gas filter

Marine Scientists from Bremen observe colonization of a deep-sea mud volcano after its eruption for the first time

Blick von oben auf das Umfeld des Håkon Mosby Schlammvulkans.
[28. September 2018] 

In a long-term study, marine scientists from Bremen for the first time observed the colonization of a deep-sea mud volcano after its eruption. The present study describes how the colonization of the mud volcano proceeds and when tiny methane-munchers get going.

European Politics

Polar policy briefing in the European Parliament

EU-PolarNet is presenting five polar white papers during policy briefing in Brussels

Arktisches Meereis. 

Arctic sea ice.
[26. September 2018] 

Today, EU-PolarNet is presenting urgent polar issues in the European Parliament in Brussels. During a two-hour long policy briefing themed “At the frontline of climate change: Key changes in the Polar Regions that call for European action” the AWI coordinated and EU funded project outlines its five polar white papers.

International Cooperation

Six German-Russian research groups receive three-year funding

Junges Arktisches Meereis. Diese Aufnahme stammt aus der IceCam des EM-Birds, einem Meereisdickensensor, der unter einem Hubschrauber hängend über das Meereis geflogen wird. Die Kamera ist derart in das Geräte eingebaut, dass sie immer senkrecht in die Tiefe fotografiert.
[18. July 2018] 

The new German-Russian funding programme "Helmholtz-RSF Joint Research Groups" has completed its second selection round. The Helmholtz Association and the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) have selected six further Joint Research Groups, including one with participation of the Alfred Wegener Institute.

International Science Film Festival

Experiencing Science

SILBERSALZ Festival starts today in Halle

Das Organisationsteam des Silbersalz Festivals mit AWI-Direktorin Antje Boetius (3. v.r.).
[28. June 2018] 

This Thursday the SILBERSALZ Festival starts in Halle. For four days everything revolves around film screenings, virtual reality, apps and live performances on various scientific issues.

World Oceans Day

AWI Director Antje Boetius advises United Nations initiative

New action platform for sustainable ocean business officially starts this Friday

[Translate to English:] Eine neue Initiative der Vereinten Nationen will für einen besseren Schutz der Meere und Ozeane sorgen.
[08. June 2018] 

The seas and oceans are climate machines, living and economic areas at the same time. They supply raw materials and food, serve as transport routes and recreational areas. But this space is also under threat: from littering and overfishing to global warming.