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Winter in the Antarctic: "Polarstern" comes home

[14. February 2003] 

On Sunday 16th February at about midday, the Alfred Wegener Institutes’ (AWI) research ship, the “Polarstern” arrived back in Bremerhaven. The twentieth antarctic expedition ended a day earlier than planned. A major task of the three and a half month long journey was the supply of the research stations “Kohnen” and “Neumayer”. On the second part of the cruise, on the 9th December 2002, the scientists and crew celebrated the twentieth birthday of the ice-breaker. A scientific highlight of this trip was the discovery of a unexpected biologically rich area in the Weddel Sea.

Press release

20,000 years before our time

[28. January 2003] 

Ice Core-Drilling in Antarctic thousand meters deep now

At Kohnen-Station of Alfred-Wegener-Institut for Polar and Marine Research scientists unearthed an ice core from a depth of one thousand meters on 22nd january 2003. This ice is about 20,000 years old and contains information about the last glacial maximum. To date this, an ash layer produced by a prehistoric volcano 14,000 years ago, has been helpful. It was found in a depth of 802 meters, and was also found and dated at the Japanese Station Dome Fuji. Thus it could work as a milestone. The 24 women and men at Kohnen (75°S, 0°E) celebrated the thousandth metre with champagne and music. Meanwhile the work is continuing: until the end of summer season the scientists want to reach a depth of 1400 meters.