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Victor disembarks

[07. August 2003] 

Polarstern completes eleven week international deep sea expedition

According to plan, the Polarstern, research ice-breaker of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), will enter the port of Tromso, Norway, on August 7th. The aims of the completed expedition were to examine deep sea corals southwest of Ireland, the Hakon Mosby mud volcano northwest of Norway and the AWI "Hausgarten", a long-term deep sea station west of Svalbard in a depth of 2600 metres. Victor 6000, a deep sea remotely operated vehicle (ROV) run by French marine research institute Ifremer, was available to the 150 scientists on board. Victor is equipped with cameras, sampling devices and a grab-arm, can dive to 6000 metres depth and is controlled remotely from the Polarstern.

Press release

Coral Paradise in the deep, dark and cool waters west of Ireland

[20. June 2003] 

On Friday, June 20th 2003, the German research ice-breaker POLARSTERN of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute (AWI) for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven/ Germany will visit the port of Galway/ Ireland, after a 3-week international expedition to study the deep-water coral reefs to the west of Ireland. Over 40 scientists working on a variety of European-funded research projects and from marine institutes in Ireland, Belgium, the UK, France and Germany are participating in the expedition. They will depart the ship to return to their home institutes in Galway, before POLARSTERN (managed by the German shipping company F. LAEISZ in Hamburg/ Rostock/ Bremerhaven) departs for the next leg of its 2003 summer expedition to the Arctic Ocean. A special feature of the first leg,…

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A hole develops in the ozone layer

[05. June 2003] 

Beginning of an international measurement campaign in the Antarctic

On 14th June an international measurement campaign, lead by scientists

from the Alfred Wegener Institute's Potsdam research centre, will begin

in the Antarctic, with the aim of uncovering the still unclear processes

of ozone destruction during the Antarctic twilight. Nine measurement

stations in the Antarctic, including the German Neumayer Station run by

AWI, will release hundreds of weather balloons over the course of four

months, providing a precise picture of when, where and how fast the

ozone is destroyed.

Press release

AWI-Director elected member of the Russian

[30. May 2003] 

Professor Jorn Thiede, director of the Alfred Wegener Institute for

Polar and Marine Research, was elected as a foreign member of the

Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) at a general assembly held on May 22nd.

Press release

World climate and the Arctic

[26. May 2003] 

Climate researchers meet in Potsdam

On 2nd and 3rd of June, 2003, climate experts from Europe and

the USA will meet together at the Alfred Wegener Institute's Potsdam

centre for a workshop on comparing current computer models of the