Reports on Polar and Marine Research

The Reports on Polar and Marine Research are issued by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) in Bremerhaven, Germany, succeeding the former Reports on Polar Research. They are published at irregular intervals.

The Reports on Polar and Marine Research contain presentations and results of research activities in polar regions and in the seas either carried out by the AWI or with its support.

Publications comprise expedition reports of the ships, aircrafts, and stations operated by the AWI, research results (incl. dissertations) of the Institute and the Archiv für deutsche Polarforschung, as well as abstracts and proceedings of national and international conferences and workshops of the AWI.

Starting from 2013 a more stringent structuring concept has been implemented in compiling the final expedition reports of "Polarstern" to be published in the "Reports on Polar and Marine Research". Apart from the bibliometric entry of the reports as "hdl" into the AWI system they are additionally linked to a permant identifyer (DOI) with the objective to persistently archive them, improve their accessibility and advance their retrieval.

The papers contained in the Reports do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the AWI.

The first or editing author of an issue of Reports on Polar and Marine Research ensures that he possesses all rights of the opus, and transfers all rights to the AWI, inlcuding those associated with the co-authors. The non-exclusive right of use (einfaches Nutzungsrecht) remains with the author unless stated otherwise. The AWI reserves the right to publish the submitted articles in its repository ePIC (electronic Publication Information Center) with the option to "print-on-demand".


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ISSN 1866-3192, Issue 569 ff. (since 2008)
ISSN 1618-3193, Issue 377-568 (2001-2007)
ISSN 0176-5027, Issue 001-376 (1981-2000)

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