What happens to my proposal?

Before you submit a proposal, please inform yourself about the marginal conditions. You may find the information under Portal Deutsche Forschungsschiffe. There you can also download the guidelines how to issue a proposal.

You represent a small team who wants to jointly conduct research on POLARSTERN? In this case, you can submit a proposal for secondary use. The number of team members should not exceed 10.

You represent a larger group of scientists? In this case, you may submit a proposal for main use. You should though, bear in mind that the planning period for POLARSTERN corresponds to 3 years.

Since autumn 2017, a review panel, ”Gutachterpanel Forschungsschiffe” (GPF), organizes the review and evaluation of the proposals for ship time on RV POLARSTERN and HEINCKE.

The GPF has the mandate to evaluate the proposals for German research vessels and to make recommendations to the scientific coordinators for inclusion in further expedition planning. In general, the GPF office, in accordance with the co-chairs, appoint at least two reviewers, if possible external, for each proposal as well as two rapporteurs from the GPF panel. The consultations as to the submitted proposals take place approx. five months after receipt during a separate GPF meeting. Thus, the applicants may only receive information on the results of the evaluation six months after deadline at the earliest.