Global phytoplankton group chl-a data sets online

Application of Xi et al. (2020) algorithm for retrieving multiple PFTs from space:

a) Software: C-TEP, Coastal Thematic Exploitation Platform, is an online service funded by European Space Agency (ESA), which will provide access to over 20 years of earth observation (EO) data, Near Real Time (NRT) EO data, non-space data and multi-sensor processing tools. The OLCI-PFT algorithm has been implemented as one of the processing tools.  Link of C-TEP processors where OLCI-PFT algorithm was implemented:

b) Data products: Implemented into the EU Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS), that is devoted to provide products and services of observations and forecasts for all marine applications. Link to integrated ocean color products including OLCI-PFTs in CMEMS:

Figure: Sentinel-3 Ocean Land. Colour Imager (OLCI) chlorophyll-a concentration of various phytoplankton groups (rom left to right: diatoms, dinoflagellates, green algae (upper panel), haptophytes, prokayotes and total (lower panel)) the sum of all in Scotia Sea (mean Oct 2019, algorithm: Xi et al. 2020 – also available at; data at

Peer-reviewed publication:

Hongyan Xi, Svetlana N. Losa, Antoine Mangin, Mariana A. Soppa, Philippe Garnesson, Julien Demaria, Yangyang Liu, Odile Hembise Fanton d'Andon, Astrid Bracher (2020) Global retrieval of phytoplankton functional types based on empirical orthogonal functions using CMEMS GlobColour merged products and further extension to OLCI data. Remote Sensing of Environment 240: 111704 .


1) AWI press release “Observing Phytoplankton via Satellite” : <link en about-us service press press-release observing-phytoplankton-via-satellite.html>

2) The PFT retrieval by Xi et al. (2020) highlighted in the International Ocean-Color Coordinating Group (IOCCG) News in May 2020:

3) Interview with Astrid Bracher on 20 March 2020 posted by ORF:(online 25 May 2020): “Algen aus dem All erkennen” and broadcast (20 May 2020): “Algen aus dem All analysieren.”