Members of the Working Group on Marine Aquaculture are part of multiple COST-Actions. The COST Association is an EU wide organisation fostering the creation of and cooperation of networks of researchers from all scientific backgrounds. COST-Actions subsidize travel costs as well as event costs to further the exchange between actors.

The project Ocean Governance for Sustainability started in 2017 and has a runtime of 4 years and plans to bring together experts on the topic of ocean governance on the EU level and beyond in order to foster exchange. The projects follows a trans-disciplinary approach in order to research and promote the sustainable development of the oceans.

Project fact sheet

Project name

Ocean Governance for Sustanability (OceanGov)


48 Monate






Researcher, Regulators, Policy Makers, civil society


<link ueber-uns organisation mitarbeiter bela-h-buck.html _self personal-page-link>Prof. Dr. Bela H. Buck

Dr. Gesche Krause