The goal of the MakPak project (Sustainable packaging solutions from marine macro algea for the food sector ) is to develop a sustainably produced, disposable and/or edible packaging solution as a dosage form for foodstuffs for both out-of-home consumption and the fast-food segment. The packaging solution is to consist exclusively of specific, marine macroalgae raw materials for recycling. The raw material will continue to be refined with extracts of selected macroalgae species containing bioactive compounds so that the packaging solution is not only standardized and sustainable, but also has a positive effect on the food to be appropriately packaged with an additional health benefit for the consumer. The packaging design is conceived by NORDSEE and tested after its technical development. AWI and the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven will identify and produce suitable raw materials and carry out the technical development of the packaging concept.

Project Fact Sheet


Project name

Mak-Pak (Sustainable Packaging from Marine Macroalgae) 

Project duration

24 months

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Research, Industry, Restaurants


Dr. Laurie C. Hofmann