Project structure

PlanktoSERV uses an integrative approach linking different organisational levels. The first, experimental, phase of the project is divided in packages that focus on plankton individual (WP 1), population (WP 2), and community responses to multiple stressors (WP 3 and 4). The effects of global change can be direct and cause physiological changes or indirect and alter trophic interactions. We therefore combine small scale laboratory experiments (WP 1 and 2) with mesocosm field experiments (WP 3 and 4) to study those effects in concert and to discriminate between direct and indirect processes. This experimental work yields important information on metabolic rates, population dynamics, and community composition that are incorporated in a network analysis (WP 5). The results from WP 1-5 are further used to conduct an impact assessment in order to promote sustainable development of coastal zones (WP 6). We will issue reports centered on the alteration of ecosystem services as a means to measure the economic consequences of global change. These documents will be addressed to decision makers in order to optimize mitigation strategies.