Organic Geochemistry

In addition to common sedimentary bulk parameters (TOC, C/N, CaCO3), we are using so-called geochemical fossils (biomarkers) to reconstruct the palaeoenvironmental and climate conditions. Biomarker lipids are extracted from the sediments by means of organic solvents and are further separated into different fractions by open column chromatography. Identification and quantification of the specific compounds is then achieved via gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses. Highly branched isoprenoids, among them the sea ice proxy IPSO25, are used to reconstruct past sea ice conditions. Further biomarkers (alkenones, GDGTs, n-alkanes, sterols) provide information on past ocean temperature and primary productivity changes.


Lab equipment

Agilent 7890B GC System/Agilent 5977B MSD/Agilent 7693 Autosampler

Biotage TurboVap LV

Heidolph rotary evaporator (2x)/vacuum pump Welch by Gardner Denver

Hettich Rotofix 32A table centrifuge