Polar Data Synthesis

Quantitative data from proxy records of past climate change are required to validate climate model simulations and constrain future predictions. In order to use paleoclimatic reconstructions beyond the analyses of single records towards a more systemic understanding of palaeoclimatic patterns and conditions, comprehensive data syntheses of existing data are needed. These have to be associated with explicit estimates of uncertainty of the proxy itself and its age assignment.

In this context, we focus on the following aspects:

  • Compilation and homogenization/harmonization of existing proxy data into large regional and hemispheric synthesis datasets, with a focus on the last 40,000 years before present.
  • Establish and test new tools for regional proxy data compilation, quality control and synthesis-mapping.
  • Selection and compilation of paleoceanographic key records for transient modelling – data comparisons of the complete last glacial cycle.

In this research theme our section will use basic tools related to the Ocean Data View (ODV) software and PANGAEA Data Publisher. For data-model comparison studies we closely collaborate with the AWI Palaeoclimate Dynamics Section.