In January and February 2017 a reflection seismic campaign will perform detailed measurements on parts of the Ekström ice shelf.

For the first phase of Sub-EIS-Obs (sub Ekströmisen observation)  for an envisage geologic drilling underneath Ekströmisen into the Explora Volcanic Wedge this pre-site survey aims at obtaining seismic data to deduce the following information:

  • bathymetry below Ekströmisen in 40 x 40 km2 area west of NMIII
  • sedimentary and basement stratigraphy

The project, carried out in close collaboration between BGR and AWI, will employ AWI’s intermediate-weight seismic vibrator "EnviroVib", which was successfully deployed during the previous EKSEIS-campaign. The data provide the base for interpretation of geological sedimentary history and integrity.