Collection database

Since 2003, data concerning material, slides and taxa, existing within the Friedrich Hustedt Diatom centre, are being entered in a database. This has been available through the internet since 2004. In 2014, all data from the initial collection database have been transferred into a new system using the EarthCape platform. The web interface of this new system is now on-line but is incomplete.

The database stores information on all specimens in the collection, named by Hustedt or deposited later by other workers, with the literature-, material- and slide-information. Taxon names have been entered as they appear on the slides or on a sheet in a slidebox, although in some cases, recently proposed names are given under “comments”. Those of you who have worked with the old database interface of the Hustedt collection will notice that for the moment, our new database does not yet provide images of specimens. The images that have previously been available are still there and we are working on making them visible through the web as well - please apologize for their unavailability, this is due to our migration to a new database platform. In the meantime, please contact us in case you need specimen images!

The database also has a complete entry of all of the publications held in the library of the centre, now more than 9,000. We are still working on transferring this information into our new system, so for the moment, publications are not visible in the on-line web interface; but they will follow as soon as their transfer has been completed.

We are still working on the data concerning material and slides from Europe but such information from outside Europe is complete.

Hustedt himself published approximately 2000 new taxa. Belonging to them you will find in the database all the information on their publication and, under “comments”, the page and plates given by Dr. Reimer Simonsen in his “Atlas and Catalogue of Diatom Types of Friedrich Hustedt”.

Meta-data for Grethe Hasle's slide collection has in the meanwhile been entered and are fully searchable in the database. This is not the case with Kurt Krammer's samples and slides, with queries concerning these, please contact us directly!

The database is publically accessible via this link.