Plankton Ecology and Biogeochemistry in a Changing Arctic Ocean (PEBCAO) is the name of a group working together since 2009. Scientists are from the section of Polar Biological Oceanography and former and current HGF Young Researcher Groups like Glo Car, PHYTOOPTICS & PLANKTOSENS.

We investigate biogeochemical parameters in the water column for example particulate and dissolved organic carbon (POC and DOC), carbohydrates (KH), Gelbstoffe and many more. We also use microbiological, microscopical, molecularbiological and physiological methods in order to investigate bacterio-, phyto- and zooplankton composition, biodiversity as well as physiological processes. Large scale observations of phytoplankton surface distributions are done via remote sensing. In addition, experiments with key species are carried out.

We want to monitor and understand changes in biogeochemical and planktonic parameters due to fast temperature increase and acidification of the Arctic Ocean.


Dr. Eva-Maria Nöthig (coordinator, phytoplankton ecology & particle flux)

Prof. Dr. Astrid Bracher (PI, remote sensing)

Prof. Dr. Anja Engel (PI, microbiology & biogeochemistry)

Dr. Katja Metfies (PI, molecularbiology)

PD Dr. Barbara Niehoff (PI, zooplankton ecology)

Dr. Ilka Peeken (PI, sea ice ecology & flow cytometry)


associated scientists:

Dr. Eduard Bauerfeind

Dr. Hauke Flores

Dr. Steffi Gäbler-Schwarz

Dr. Catherine Lalande

Dr. Judith Piontek 

Dr. Ian Salter


associated groups:


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