MOSAiC expedition

Distributed Network successfully deployed

Complex system of buoys and measurement instruments is drifting in the environs of Polarstern
[16. October 2019] 

One central task during the first phase of MOSAiC has been completed. Supported by the highly experienced crew and the not less experienced pilots of the MI-8 helicopters, an international team of scientists onboard Akademik Fedorov successfully deployed the so-called Distributed Network. This is the complex system of buoys and measurement instruments that is now drifting in the environs of the central observatory Polarstern in a distance of up to 50 kilometres. 

The larger and smaller sites were partially deployed from aboard the ship, with scientists using the gangway to get access to the ice. In part, they were also deployed on smaller ice floes using helicopters. However, the deployment of the complicated instruments of the Distributed Network on thin and fragile ice presented quite a challenge – a challenge the scientists were also able to take on owing to the wealth of experience and knowledge of the Russian team of AARI sea ice experts.

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