PS125 - Weekly Reports No 2 | 5 - 11 April 2021

Heading North

[13. April 2021] 

We are still sailing northwards through the subtropics and heading for the tropics, free from corona concerns. Nevertheless, the pandemic remains a dominant subject, even with everyone enjoying the time without masks and lockdown.

Unfortunately, reality will catch up with us too soon. Easter Monday’s operations were still influenced by the public holiday, but on Tuesday work was back to normal.

During the last week, we have covered a distance of 1990 nm at a good cruising speed. We are slowly approaching the equator and enjoy the pleasant temperatures e.g. by celebrating a nice BBQ on the working deck in the evening.


Apart from one single whale sighting, no other animal has appeared.

Present position on April 12, 2021, 12:00 h:               15° 28,3 S / 32° 44,7 W

Everybody is in a good mood and enjoying the time without masks.          .

The crew and the few scientific participants send the best wishes from the tropics.


Eberhard Kohlberg

Chief Scientist




Eberhard Kohlberg

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