Weddell Sea

Germany is proposing a Marine Protected Area in Antartica

Scientists of the Alfred Wegener Institute provide scientific basis
[16. October 2016] 

The European Union has submitted a proposal, prepared by Germany, to the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) for a marine protected area (MPA) in the Antarctic Weddell Sea. AWI scientists have compiled and analysed the scientific data on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Form 17 to 28 October 2016 the 35th meeting of the CCAMLR takes place in in Hobart (Tasmania), where the proposal is submitted - showing the video below, which shows the worthiness of protection of this phantastic habitat. The AWI factsheet Weddell Sea - 8 Reasons for a Marine Protected Area is available for download here.

Christian Schmidt, German Minister for Food and Agriculture, explains: "The marine protection area should be reserved for scientific research and strengthen international cooperation in this area. Both form the pillars of the Antarctic Treaty. It is our historic task to protect unique ecosystems like Antarctica."

Further information on the Weddell Sea MPA is given on this website of the German Minister for Food and Agriculture.




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