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EU Project

The Epic search for oldest ice in Antarctica is starting

Reconnaissance phase of EU Project Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice officially starts

Sunny day at “Oldest Ice Reconnaissance” field camp in Dronning Maud Land. Drying laundry and sleeping cabin.
[06. June 2019] 

On 1 June 2019 the European Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice Core project started with the aim of drilling for and recovering ice from up to 1.5 Million years ago in Antarctica. The previous EPICA project recovered ice from 800,000 years ago. Now scientists want to go BEYOND that.


Pressure from the deep sea

International deep-sea researchers formulate requirements for the conservation of biodiversity

Marions Langstielassel (Macrostylis marionae) aus dem Puerto Rico Graben im Atlantik (8338 m Tiefe). Momentan sind 90 Arten aus der Gruppe der Langstielasseln beschrieben, und über 100 weitere Arten wurden in den letzten Jahren entdeckt. Ein Vielfaches davon, so wird erwartet, bleibt noch zu entdecken. Maßstab = 250 µm.
[05. June 2019] 

Deep-sea taxonomy: this was the theme of a workshop in which 27 scientists from 12 countries discussed the future direction of their field of specialization, including AWI scientist Melissa Käß.


An international team of young researchers on board the Polarstern

Exploring interactions between the ocean, atmosphere and climate, in theory and practice

Ein CPR (Continuous Plankton Recorder) wird vorbereitet.
[03. June 2019] 

25 young scientists from around the globe are currently taking part in a month-long expedition from the Falkland Islands to Bremerhaven on board the research icebreaker Polarstern as part of a summer school. On the ‘South-North Atlantic Training Transect’ they will gain unique insights into the marine sciences and engage in short projects on interactions between the ocean, atmosphere and climate.

Climate modeling

A warming Arctic produces weather extremes in our latitudes

AWI experts develop a climate model that explains the faltering jet stream

Die Veränderungen im Jetstream werden zumindest teilweise vom Rückgang des arktischen Meereises verursacht, so das Ergebnis der Untersuchungen.
[28. May 2019] 

Using a newly developed climate model, AWI researchers are now able to show that the undulating course of the jet stream in winter and the associated extreme weather conditions, such as cold spells, are a direct result of climate change.

Photo festival on the Baltic

Antje Boetius is the patron of the 2019 photo festival »horizonte zingst«

Environmental photo festival displays AWI imagery in an outdoor exhibition

Esther Horvaths Fotoarbeiten werden in einer Outdoor-Ausstellung beim Umweltfotofestival »horizonte zingst« ausgestellt.
[24. May 2019] 

AWI director Antje Boetius supports the environmental photo festival »horizonte zingst«. From 25.5. Until the 2.6.2019, works from the polar regions of AWI photographer Esther Horvath will also be shown on the Baltic Sea.