Archive of News and Press Releases

An extraordinary guest

‘Astro-Alex’ visits the AWI

Astronaut Alexander Gerst pays a visit to his alma mater and exchanges notes with AWI researchers

Bei seinem Besuch besichtige Alexander Gerst auch die AWI-Labore.
[14. June 2019] 

Geophysicist and astronaut Alexander Gerst visited the AWI, where he gave an in-house talk on his work as ‘astro-Alex’ for ca. 200 members of staff and exchanged notes with AWI researchers.

On the glacier

German President and AWI Director visit Iceland

State visit focused on climate change, environmental protection and sustainable energy

Gemeinsam mit Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier besuchte AWI-Direktorin Antje Boetius Island.
[13. June 2019] 

Together with a group of climate experts, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited Iceland from 12 to 14 June. Antje Boetius accompanied the President at his request, in order to discuss global climate change and Germany’s contribution to climate protection.

International Exchange

First conference for research software in Germany with AWI participation

"In research, almost nothing is possible without software”

Gruppenfoto der Konferenz in Potsdam.
[11. June 2019] 

Conference for research software for the first time in Potsdam: About 200 guests from Germany and Europe participate in the expanded conference and networked within the German scientific landscape.

Arctic Symposium

Together for a sustainable Arctic

Passing of the Presidency of the Arctic Council to Iceland

Julia Wright, Carsten Rüpke, René Söderman, Einar Gunnarsson und Antje Boetius diskutierten zu Themen des Arktischen Rats (v.l.). Moderiert wurde die Veranstaltung von Volker Rachold (rechts im Bild).
[07. June 2019] 

In May 2019, the Chair of the Arctic Council was transferred from Finland to Iceland. To inform the German Arctic interested parties, the Arctic Office of the AWI, together with the Finnish and the Icelandic Embassy and the Foreign Office organized a symposium.

Aquaculture Research

Start of the project "AquaVitae"

Aquaculture on the spotlight in new EU funded project

Das Aquariumsregal im Zentrum für Aquakulturforschung am AWI Bremerhaven.
[06. June 2019] 

New types, processes and products that contribute to increasing production and improving sustainability in aquaculture value chains in the Atlantic: their introduction is the goal of the EU-funded project "AquaVitae".