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Scientific study

Traces in the ice

Lead pollution in Arctic ice shows economic impact of wars, plagues, famines from Middle Ages to present

Ein Mitglied des DRI-Forschungsteams für Eisbohrkerne extrahiert einen Eisbohrkern aus der grönländischen Eisdecke.
[09. July 2019] 

How did events like the plague affect the economy of medieval Europe? Lead particles deeply trapped in the Arctic ice can now shed some light on this: AWI scientists have now studied these lead contaminants using ice cores.

AWI Helgoland

International Summer School

“Marine phytoplankton diversity observation: innovative methods and industrial applications”

Wasserprobenahme und Arbeiten zu Unterwasserlichtmessungen auf dem Forschungsschiff Heincke während der Coastal Summer School 2019.
[05. July 2019] 

Sixteen young scientists from nine countries have come to AWI Heligoland for eleven days to attend the Coastal Summer School. The aim is to deepen their knowledge of phytoplankton research in coastal waters.

Young Scientists

Young people share what they have learned with the world

Graduation ceremony for students of oceanography

Expeditionsteilnehmer mit dem Kranzwasserschöpfer, der neben Probennahmegefäßen für Meerwasser auch Sensoren für die Bestimmung physikalischer Messgrößen liefert.
[28. June 2019] 

This coming Saturday, 29 June 2019, 33 young scientists from around the globe will be celebrating their graduation at the Alfred Wegener Institute. Ten scholarship holders have come to the end of a 10-month programme, and 23 young people have completed an exciting month-long expedition.


Antarctic season ends this weekend

Polarstern expected back in Bremerhaven

Polarstern in der Ferne, aufgenommen bei einer Eisstation der Meereisgruppe auf der Expedition PS118 ins westliche Weddellmeer, Antarktis.
[27. June 2019] 

After half a year in the Southern Hemisphere, the research icebreaker Polarstern will soon return to her homeport, Bremerhaven. Following a season of work focusing on sea ice, the icebreaker will now be prepared for her next challenge: the greatest Arctic research expedition of all time, which will begin this September.


AWI receives audit berufundfamilie for the fifth time

Where family and research belong together

Ines Föllscher vom AWI-Familienbüro nimmt das Zertifikat "berufundfamilie" entgegen.
[26. June 2019] 

Arranging work and family life is a high priority at the AWI. This is also proven by the repeated awarding of the berufundfamilie Service GmbH audit certificate, which has now been presented to the AWI Family Office for the fifth time in succession.