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Bubbling under the Arctic Seabed

Permafrost under the Arctic seabed is more widespread than previously thought, and is mostly warming, a new study finds.

Der unter dem westlichen Laptevmeer gewonnene Permafrost weist typische Eis- und Sandschichten auf, die sich an Land gebildet haben.
[10. May 2019] 

The fate of permafrost - soil that is frozen for 2 or more years - is of huge importance for the global climate because of the large amounts of organic carbon stored in it, which can be released into the atmosphere as these soils start to thaw. 


The sleeping giant is waking

Accelerated permafrost thawing in the northern regions will have far-reaching consequences for the global climate

Thermokarst-Seen in Alaska
[06. May 2019] 

AWI researcher Guido Grosse is part of an international research team exploring the accelerated thawing of permafrost in northern regions around the globe. For this purpose, a comment has now been published in Nature magazine.


Half of the coral reefs have already been lost

AWI expert on the role of marine biodiversity in the IPBES report

[06. May 2019] 

Commentary by marine biologist Julian Gutt: since the changes taking place underwater are far less visible than those on land, it was all the more important that the IPBES pay due attention to the oceans in its Global Assessment report.

German Norwegian Ocean Forum

Sustainable oceans as a shared responsibility

Symposium in Bremen brings together diverse experts on the future of the world’s oceans

Antje Boetius und Melanie Bergmann beim deutsch-norwegischen Meeresforum. (Foto: Lisa Grosfeld)
[03. May 2019] 

At the German Norwegian Ocean Forum, experts discussed the topic of ‘sustainable oceans’. Impulse talks provided the basis for a professional exchange. AWI Director Antje Boetius moderated the event.

GEO-6 Report released

AWI researcher is one of the lead authors of the UN Environment Programme

The ‘Global Environment Outlook’ will offer politicians and other decision-makers concrete recommendations and future-ready strategies

Die Autoren des vierten Kapitels „Cross-cutting issues“ des GEO-6 Berichts. (Foto: UN Environment)
[02. May 2019] 

"Healthy planet, healthy people: Time to act!" AWI scientist Peter Lemke has been one of the lead authors in the Global Environment Outlook, a United Nations environmental report.