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Iceberg break-up at the Ekström Ice Shelf and storm at Neumayer Station

[Translate to English:] Eisbergabbruch Ekström Schelfeis
[16. August 2021] 

An iceberg broke off the Ekstrom Ice Shelf in Antarctica between 12 and 13 August 2021. The iceberg has not yet been officially named, but will probably be given the name #A77 according to international statutes. It is about 53 km long and has an area of about 370 square kilometres, making it about half the size of Hamburg.

New IPCC Report

Global warming is accelerating, extreme weather events are on the rise

The Roaring Forties
[09. August 2021] 

Climbing temperatures, more intense heat waves, prolonged droughts and more heavy rains due to a changed water cycle: through greenhouse-gas emissions, human beings have set in motion serious and far-reaching climate changes in every corner of the world, as the IPCC’s Working Group I explains in its sixth Assessment Report, released today.


"Humanity has to abandon all its stalling tactics."

Hans-Otto Pörtner
[09. August 2021] 

says AWI climate researcher Prof Hans-Otto Pörtner, in response to the findings of the new Assessment Report from the IPCC’s Working Group I.

Wadden Sea Station Sylt

The North Sea in Miniature

Mesocosm facility enriches research at AWI Sylt

Karen Wiltshire in front of a mesocosm tank
[05. August 2021] 

The AWI’s new experimental facility on Sylt makes it possible to simulate the effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems.

Atmospheric research in Germany will be significantly expanded

National contribution to EU research infrastructure ACTRIS will enable better forecasts for air quality, weather, and climate in the future

[Translate to English:] Sicht auf Lidar-System KARL, der deutsch-französischen Forschungsbasis AWIPEV, Ny Alesund Spitzbergen
[05. August 2021] 

Germany is getting a new infrastructure for research on particulate matter, clouds, and trace gases. Distributed among eleven institutions, this German contribution to the EU research infrastructure ACTRIS will enable better forecasts for air quality, weather, and climate in the future. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the implementation of this infrastructure with a total of 86 million euros over the next eight years.