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Exhibition on the international MOSAiC expedition

The exhibition on the international MOSAiC expedition of the Alfred Wegener Institute shows both the Arctic nature threatened by climate change and the people who spent time in one of the most hostile zones on earth in 2019/2020. An extensive supporting programme complements the exhibition.

The exhibition with photographs and objects from the largest research expedition of all time sheds light on the participants and their extremely demanding work, whether as researchers or as part of the crew.

Photographs by Esther Horvath and Lianna Nixon symbolise the polar day and the polar night.

Further information can be found on the website of the organiser - please click here.

Tu, 21.06.2022 - Fr, 31.03.2023
Where: Gletschergarten Luzern, Denkmalstraße 4, 6006 Luzern / SWITZERLAND

Who: Gletschergarten Luzern (Glacier Garden Lucerne)

(Photo: Lianna Nixon, CC-BY 4.0)