Press release

Private support organisation at Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven

[02. February 2010] 

The Institute established the organisation “Friends of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research” in 2009. All those interested can obtain information and support research financially and morally in the future.

Bremerhaven, 2 February 2010. The Climate Summit in Copenhagen confirmed that global warming has to be limited to two degrees Celsius, though there were no resolutions on measures for achieving this goal. It is therefore up to institutions like the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research to continue to work on realistic proposals for stabilising the climate.
The Alfred Wegener Institute, a member of the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, conducts research on global environmental changes in the Arctic, Antarctic and oceans of the temperate latitudes and coordinates polar research in Germany. It examines systems of higher complexity, making use of large-scale research technology. An outstanding example of this is the new Antarctic station, Neumayer III, which was opened in February 2009.
Characteristic features of the work performed by the Institute are its extensive international networking and broad scientific expertise. Biosciences, geosciences and climate sciences work hand in hand. The Institute works up forecasts of future developments and thus makes valuable contributions to securing the future of our society. Transfer of scientific results to industry and society has high priority.
At the same time top-notch research needs public commitment. The support organisation of the Alfred Wegener Institute established in 2009 is intended to serve as a platform and contact point for private persons, companies and institutions that wish to support the research work and thus bundle the fascination of many people for polar and marine systems. Members of the organisation are regularly informed about current activities and invited to events.

The Friends of the Alfred Wegener Institute focus not only on research, but are also committed to the work carried out by the Institute concerning policy consulting, technology transfer and information of the public. A special focal point is contact to children and young people so as to introduce them to natural science and technical topics.

Anyone can become a member of the support organisation.

Annual contribution
Private persons: 30 euros (10 euros for those eligible for reduced rates)
Companies, associations and institutions: 300 euros.
Donations are also welcome.

Further information and membership applications are available from
Katharina Friederich (0471-4831-2216; e-mail: or at

The Alfred Wegener Institute conducts research in the Arctic, Antarctic and oceans of the temperate latitudes. It coordinates polar research in Germany and provides major infrastructure to the international scientific community, such as the Polarstern research icebreaker and stations in the Arctic and Antarctic. The Alfred Wegener Institute is one of the sixteen research centres of the Helmholtz Association, the largest scientific organisation in Germany.



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Das Institut

Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut forscht in den Polarregionen und Ozeanen der mittleren und hohen Breiten. Als eines von 19 Forschungszentren der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft koordiniert es Deutschlands Polarforschung und stellt Schiffe wie den Forschungseisbrecher Polarstern und Stationen für die internationale Wissenschaft zur Verfügung.