Prof. Dr. Karen Helen Wiltshire

Karen Helen Wiltshire
Division Biosciences | Shelf Sea System Ecology | Coastal Ecology
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Email Karen Helen Wiltshire
Phone +49(4651)956-4112
Fax +49(4651)956-200
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
Hafenstraße 43,
D-25992 List/Sylt
(Room A-304)

Research program

PACES II 2: Fragile coasts and shelf sea
PACES II 2.1: Coastal shifts and long-term trends
PACES II 2.2: Species interactions in changing and exploited coastal seas
PACES II 2.3: Evolution and adaptation to climate change and anthropogenic stress in coastal and shelf systems
PACES II 2.4: Biogeochemical provinces of sea floors in the German North Sea sector


Director;Biologische Anstalt Helgoland;and Wadden Sea Station Sylt;Deputy Director of;Alfred-Wegener-Insitute;Head of Coastal Programme Paces;Deputy Head of Shelf Seas Ecology;Responsible for;Longterm Data Sets Helgoland Roads;Co-Responsible for;The Helgoland Foodweb Project;

Research interests

Induction of microalgal;morphological variation;Interactions of algae;and their predators;Pigments in microlagae;Multispectral fluorescence;detection of microalgae;Microphytobenthos;Helgoland Foodweb Project;

Latest Publications

Recurring patterns in bacterioplankton dynamics during coastal spring algae blooms (2016)
Teeling, Hanno; Fuchs, Bernhard; Bennke, Christin M.; Krueger, Karen; Chafee, Meghan; Kappelmann, Lennart; Reintjes, Greta; Waldmann, Jost; Quast, Christian; Gloeckner, Frank Oliver; Lucas, Judith; Wichels, Antje; Gerdts, Gunnar; Wiltshire, Karen Helen; A
hdl: 10013/epic.47559

Short-term dynamics of North Sea bacterioplankton-dissolved organic matter coherence on molecular level (2016)
Lucas, Judith; Koester, Irina; Wichels, Antje; Niggemann, Jutta; Dittmar, Thorsten; Callies, Ulrich; Wiltshire, Karen Helen; Gerdts, Gunnar
hdl: 10013/epic.47385

Conference Item
FESOM-coastal (2016)
Androsov, Alexey; Fofonova, Vera; Danilov, Sergey; Rakowsky, Natalja; Kuznetsov, Ivan; Hiller, Wolfgang; Wiltshire, Karen Helen
hdl: 10013/epic.47749

Projecting effects of climate change on marine systems: is the mean all that matters? (2016)
Boersma, Maarten; Grüner, Nico; Tasso Signorelli, Natália; Montoro González, Pedro E.; Peck, Myron A.; Wiltshire, Karen H.
hdl: 10013/epic.46875

Conference Item
Oligotyping and metagenome analyses reveal a high-resolution recurrence that frames potential ecological strategies of North Sea bacterioplankton (2016)
Chafee, Meghan; Krueger, Karen; Kappelmann, Lennart; Waldmann, Jost; Reintjes, Greta; Lucas, Judith; Wichels, Antje; Gerdts, Gunnar; Wiltshire, Karen Helen; Gloeckner, Frank Oliver; Fuchs, Bernhard; Teeling, Hanno; Amann, Rudolf
hdl: 10013/epic.47444