Dr. Gregor Knorr

Division Climate Sciences | Paleo-climate Dynamics
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Email Gregor Knorr
Phone +49(471)4831-1769
Fax +49(471)4831-1149
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
Bussestraße 24,
D-27570 Bremerhaven
(Room F-313)
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Research program

PACES II 3: The earth system from a polar perspective: Data, modelling and synthesis
PACES II 3.1: Circumpolar climate variability and global teleconnections at seasonal to orbital time scales
PACES II 3.2: Earth system on tectonic time scales: From greenhouse to icehouse world

Latest Datasets

Simulated change in atmospheric CO2 and D14C around 14.6 kyr BP, at the onset of the northern hemispheric warming into the Bølling/Allerød (2014)
Köhler, Peter; Knorr, Gregor; Bard, Edouard

Figure 4b: Simulation results for atmospheric CO2 (2014)
Köhler, Peter; Knorr, Gregor; Bard, Edouard

Figure 4a: Simulation results for atmospheric D14C (2014)
Köhler, Peter; Knorr, Gregor; Bard, Edouard

Simulated temperature changes as a result of Antarctic ice sheet growth and CO2 reduction (2014)
Knorr, Gregor; Lohmann, Gerrit

(Table S1) Tie-points used in age model construction for ODP Leg 172 sites (2013)
Thornalley, David JR; Barker, Stephen; Becker, Julia; Hall, Ian R; Knorr, Gregor