Dr. Bernd Krock

Bernd Krock
Division Biosciences | Ecological Chemistry
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Email Bernd Krock
Phone +49(471)4831-2055
Fax +49(471)4831-1149
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
Am Handelshafen 12,
D-27570 Bremerhaven
(Room C-319)

Research program

PACES II 2.3: Evolution and adaptation to climate change and anthropogenic stress in coastal and shelf systems

Research interests

Marine Toxins;Harmful Algal Blooms;Allelochemistry of Protists;Chemical Ecology;Analysis of Secondary Metabolites;

Latest Publications

Toxigenic algae and associated phycotoxins in two coastal embayments in the Ebro Delta (NW Mediterranean) (2016)
Busch, Julia A.; Andrée, Karl; Diogène, Jorge; Fernández-Tejedor, Margarita; Töbe, Kerstin; John, Uwe; Krock, Bernd; Tillmann, Urban; Cembella, Allan
hdl: 10013/epic.47475

Accumulation, transformation and breakdown of DSP toxins from the toxic dinoflagellate Dinophysis acuta in blue mussels, Mytilus edulis (2016)
Nielsen, Lasse Tor; Hansen, Per Juel; Krock, Bernd; Vismann, Bent
hdl: 10013/epic.47580

Identification of gymnodimine D and presence of gymnodimine variants in the dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii from the Baltic Sea (2016)
Harju, Kirsi; Koskela, Harri; Kremp, Anke; Suikkanen, Sanna; de la Iglesia, Pablo; Miles, Christopher O.; Krock, Bernd; Vanninen, Paula
hdl: 10013/epic.46860

Morphology, molecular phylogeny and azaspiracid profile of Azadinium poporum (Dinophyceae) from the Gulf of Mexico (2016)
Luo, Zhaohe; Krock, Bernd; Mertens, Kenneth Neil; Price, Andrea Michelle; Turner, Robert Eugene; Rabalais, Nancy N.; Gu, Haifeng
hdl: 10013/epic.46929

Growth and bioactive secondary metabolites of arctic Protoceratium reticulatum (Dinophyceae) (2016)
Sala-Pérez, Manuel; Alpermann, Tilman; Krock, Bernd; Tillmann, Urban
hdl: 10013/epic.47331

Latest Datasets

Experimental growth characteristics, cell size, yessotoxin values and bioassay data of Protoceratium reticulatum (Dinophyceae) (2016)
Sala-Pérez, Manuel; Alpermann, Tilman J; Krock, Bernd; Tillmann, Urban

(Table S2) Cell concentrations of individual and combined Alexandrium spp. and phylogenetic groups as obtained by qPCR assay and Utermöhl counts, as well as particulate PSP toxin concentrations from discrete water depths (2013)
Töbe, Kerstin; Alpermann, Tilman J; Tillmann, Urban; Krock, Bernd; Cembella, Allan; John, Uwe

Files of figures 2, 3 and table (2011)
Ma, Haiyan; Krock, Bernd; Tillmann, Urban; Bickmeyer, Ulf; Graeve, Martin; Cembella, Allan

Data files of figures 1, 2 and 3 (2011)
Ma, Haiyan; Krock, Bernd; Tillmann, Urban; Cembella, Allan

Files related to figures 1 to 13 (2011)
Ma, Haiyan; Krock, Bernd; Tillmann, Urban; Cembella, Allan