Technologies and know-how developed at AWI are transferred into commercial applications in different ways.

Patent-Protected Technologies

Inventions made at AWI are, with a sufficient level of innovation, protected by patent fpr the relevant markets.

AWI is granting licenses to commercialise to licensees from the private sector or industry.

A selection from AWI's patent portfolio can be found here.

Open Technologies

Technologies and know-How, that have been developed at AWI entwickelt are not always IP-protected.

Some developments are offered freely if the societal impact is found to be more important than commercialisation or the commercial valorisation is deemed ineffective.

It is in the interest of AWI that these or the linked knowledge and know-how are utilized. 

A selection of open technology offers can be found here: Open Technologies


In the course of AWI research, software tools are being developed. If these are advanced enough, some of these are made public. The use in research applications is usually free.


Ocean Data View, a programme to visualise large geo-referenced data files

TsunAWI, a code for tsunami modelling in an unstructured mesh

siMPle is a freeware for the fast detection of microplatic materials in environmental samples



In principle, AWI is publicising data that have been acquired within its research (e.g. through PANGAEA). Not all data are free and available. Some data need to be purchased for commercial applications, e.g. geophysical or seismic data


AWI is operating laboratories and infrastructures like ships and research stations in a large scale. Here, measurements and surveys are conducted using sophisticated devices.

Some of these measurement devices may be used by external interested parties. E.g.:


AWI findings and know-how are also employed in consultancy. This may be direct knowledge transfer, if AWI experts advice policy makers or classical consultancy like expertises for authorities or industry.

Contract Research

The aim of contract research is less broad than in research co-operations. Contract research is suitable for applications with a higher Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and is a very effective way to directly and quickly transfer research findings into business applications.

AWI conducts contract research e.g. in the following areas: