Marine Stations Helgoland and Sylt

Explore the North Sea to understand and protect the Global Ocean.

The AWI operates the Marine Station Helgoland and the Wadden Sea Station Sylt and makes them available to the international scientific community. The stations are a hub for national and transnational access for visiting scientists in the German Bight.

AWI conducts long-term observation on both sites. These long-term data series are essential tools for research on climate-related topics.

A core activity is student education with the university courses. With the OPENSEA school laboratory, we offer the opportunity to expand school learning content through independent research at a special research location.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore nature at the Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten on Sylt and at the Bluehouse on Helgoland, which is currently under construction.

The coastal research ships Mya II, Uthörn and Aade, as well as other services such as material shipping, mesocosms and the AWI centre for scientific diving complete the offer.

User Advisory Board

The User Advisory Board "Marine Stations Helgoland and Sylt" is composed of professional colleagues from different disciplines, all with experience in visiting research and education, operation and management of marine stations, long-term data series, research vessels, scientific diving and automatic measurement systems.

Members of the User Advisory Board