Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean – one of the early warning systems of global environmental changes. It is mostly covered by ice. However, with the influx of warmer water and increasing air temperatures, the sea ice declines – in the extent and also in the thicknes.

But there are even more problems. Ocean acidification for example which is called "the evil little brother of global warming". Additionaly the Arctic Ocean becomes increasingly polluted with plastic litter, even on the ocean floor. Therefore the AWI explores the Arctic Ocean interdisciplinary. This page compiles all interesting articles from the different subject areas.

Mission in the Arctic ice

What is the role of sea ice as an element of the climate system? Is sea ice an indicator for climate changes? Is it possible to conclude from changes in sea ice to climate changes?

All these are questions that we aim to answer with our work in the sea-ice physics section. Here you can see how we approached our main questions during a summer expedition into the Arctic with the research vessel Polarstern.