The AWI North Sea Office communicates scientific knowledge to policy, conservation agencies and the public. The North Sea is a unique natural region and important economic region. The resultant conflicts of interest together with climate change are a major challenge to politics and authorities.

At the sites in Bremerhaven, Helgoland and Sylt the AWI is investigating the ongoing changes in the North Sea since many years. Due to their extensive expert knowledge from numerous research projects and environmental observation programs AWI scientists are engaged in national and European advisory boards. Together with politics and nature conservation agencies the AWI is developing strategies for a sustainable management of a changing North Sea.

Dr. Christian Buschbaum

Dr. Lars Gutow


Dr. Dagmar Lackschewitz

Dr. Jan Beermann

Dr. Tobias Dolch

Dr. Andreas Waser

Dr. Ketil Koop-Jakobsen

Eike Petersen