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EU-PolarNet is the world's largest consortium of expertise and infrastructure for polar research. Seventeen countries are represented by 22 of Europe's internationally-respected multi-disciplinary research institutions. The consortium is coordinated by the Alfred Wegener Institute. From 2015-2020, EU-PolarNet will develop and deliver a strategic framework and mechanisms to prioritise science, optimise the use of polar infrastructure, and broker new partnerships that will lead to the co-design of polar research projects that deliver tangible benefits for society. By adopting a higher degree of coordination of polar research and operations than has existed previously the consortium engages in closer cooperation with all relevant actors on an international level. EU-PolarNet is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme as "Coordination and Support Action" over a project duration of five years (2015 - 2020) with 2 Million Euro.

For more information please visit the EU-PolarNet website.

Why are the Polar Regions important to European countries?

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Nicole Biebow

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Nancy Lange

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