Research motor boats


The white wooden motorboat Aade built in 1974 is on the move exclusively in the waters all around the North Sea island Helgoland. It runs out every single day to take samples for the Helgoland Roads long time investigation. This data row delivers high resolution of chronological and spatial data – it exists since 1962 and grasps physical and biological factors.

Moreover, the crew of the Aade collects biological material for scientific experiments. For it the motor boat is equipped with a crane system, plankton nets and a water sampling module. The Aade is the biggest "Börteboot" of Helgoland – the wooden boats are typical for the North Sea island. They bring passengers of ferries and holiday ships to the island and they are used also as fishing boats. The Aade carries, by the way, the name of a bay before the Helgolander dune.

Figures and facts
Port of Registry Helgoland
Length 12.5 metres
Width 5.00 metres
Max. draught 1.5 metres
Max. displacement 20.91 tons
Empty weight 19.56 tons
Commissioning AWI 1974
Engine SISU, 6 Cyl.
Engine power 125 PS (one engine)
Range Day tours
Max. speed 9 knots
Operation area Around Helgoland
Crew 2-3
Days on Sea per year (2013) Day tours at stations plans
Shipyard Bootswerft H.Hatecke Freiburg/Elbe, Germany
Scientists per day / long term sailing none