Technology Transfer

From Research to Commercial Application

Technology transfer from research into the private sector is of increasing importance. By transferring innovative technologies, cutting-edge services, and specific application knowledge, the Helmholtz Centres contribute to safeguard Germany as a modern high-tech nation. Aside from this, knowledge transfer into society is also a major contribution to society by the Helmholtz Centres of the Research Field “Earth and Environment”.

All transfer  activities are clustered within the cross-sectional unit “Knowledge and Technology Transfer” to allow for efficient and integrated transfer activities and ensure external and internal visibility.

Technology transfer processes and activities include identification, protection and exploitation of inventions and innovative ideas arising from the AWI as well as the acquisition and implementation of contract research and industry co-operations.

Likewise, through knowledge transfer (e.g. from the fields of climate research and the ecology of polar and marine systems), the AWI contributes substantially to the knowledge base for societal and political decisions.

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