Are you interested in training at AWI and want to know what opportunities await you? First of all: We guarantee each and every one of our apprentices an extra year after successfully completed training in order to enable them to gain work experience and to orientate themselves.

Unfortunately, we cannot hire every apprentice on a permanent basis – but there is a chance that this will happen! We are a large institution with well over 1,000 employees; so we develop from within. There are always permanent staffing needs in training areas – whether in management, in the laboratory, in the housing technology or in the workshop, in the data centre... Whether such positions are then filled with you as a former apprentice depends on several factors – your performance, your interests, the necessary experience, etc. The possibility of permanent employment at AWI exists in any case, though, and if the conditions are right, it will also gladly be offered.

Even if it does not work out with an acceptance on the part of AWI – or if you, as an apprentice, want to take a look at another branch after the successful completion of your apprenticeship: Experience over the years has shown that people are very well trained at AWI (see also Awards) and that AWI apprentices are also frequently offered positions in other companies and organisations. Studying after your apprenticeship and returning to AWI during or after your studies, e. g. for a bachelor or master thesis or as a PhD student is also possible.

The prospects are good – either way!