Climate office for polar regions and sea level rise

Stopping or at least slowing down climate change with its far-reaching and regionally varying consequences for humanity and nature is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Whether we are able to adapt in time to the imminent changes will largely depend on whether the results from research and science are communicated to an adequate degree and will be usable by government, economy and society for decision-making processes.

The Earth is undergoing profound climate change. Particularly the polar regions are very sensitive to even slight climate changes and therefore play a paramount role for the global climate system.

The Climate Office for Polar Regions and Sea Level Rise at the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) is part of the regional Helmholtz climate offices network and operates at this important interface and bridging function since 2008.

The aim of the Climate Office at AWI is to provide the results of targeted climatic research in the Polar Regions in user suitable and differentiated forms for national and international audiences of government, economy and society. A major pillar of the Climate Office for Polar Regions and Sea Level Rise is the transfer of knowledge into the society and the dialogue with them to improve the social impact of the scientific results.

Signpost sea ice!

Signpost sea ice! The knowledge platform offers science based background information, research results and maps available for everyone.

Maritimes Zentrum Elbinseln

Together with the pupils we want to look at the world by at the same time engaging us with their living environment. We want to offer the pupils of Wilhelmsburg new perspectives and impulses and show them the world in a way they might have never seen before. Science and society never stop developing – each generation has to rediscover it!


Klimastadt Bremerhaven

‘Klimastadt Bremerhaven’ (‘Climate City Bremerhaven’) can be understood as a mission statement for future actions of the city and their companies and citizens.

Gateway to the Arctic

A multidisciplinary workshop series: Dare a change of perspective – to learn from other disciplines and together develop new research concepts for the Arctic. The series is a collaborative project of the AWI, the IPEV and the CEARC/UVSQ Versailles and is coordinated by the AWI-Climate Office.