Gateway to the Arctic - Franco German Seminar

The Franco-German workshop series “Gateway to the Arctic” is an approach of bringing together young scientists from different disciplines of the natural, human and social sciences, which have interests in the polar and circumpolar regions. The workshop series allows intensive exchange through a series of lectures and seminars addressing different aspects of Arctic research. The multidisciplinary approach of this meeting will facilitate networking between participating scientists and partner institutions and the development of new collaborations. Thereby the focus of the AWI is more in the range of natural sciences, while the CEARC is looking on human and social sciences. The goal of this workshop is to develop new multidisciplinary projects on the topic of climate research in regard to the sustainable use of the Arctic area.

Franco German Seminar "Gateway to the Arctic" 2015, Potsdam

Franco German Seminar "Gateway to the Arctic" 2013, Brest

Franco German Seminar "Gateway to the Arctic" 2012, Bremerhaven