– Signpost on the subject of sea ice!

Climate change has a large impact on the Polar Regions and causes there huge changes in sea ice, which is home to a very specialized ecosystem. The website ‘’ provides scientific results around the subject of sea ice for all social levels and in different depth and detail. Background information on the changes in sea ice volume and their causes, expert knowledge and a map- and data archive are the three columns of this knowledge platform. The platform combines this information for the first time for a German audience. The platform encourages the exchange between science and society, supporting profound public debates about climate change. is an initiative of the Helmholtz Climate Initiative (REKLIM), the Alfred Wegener Institut, Helmholtz Centre for polar and marine research, in cooperation with the University of Bremen (Institute for environmental physics). is part of the 100 award winners of the nationwide initiative ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ 2015.