Maritime Center Elbinseln at the Wilhelmsburg district school

What is the Maritime Center Elbinseln?

‘Maritime Centre Elbe Islands’ (MZE) is a cooperation project at the Wilhelmsburg comprehensive school in Hamburg. This project was initiated in 2012 by AWI, the Hamburg International Maritime Museum, IBA Hamburg GmbH as well as the German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (VSM).

A new education center

The MZE idea involves construction of a new school building on approx. 4,000 square metres as a unique learning and research site where pupils come together with representatives from science, business, art and industry in order to ‘learn through research and conduct research while learning’. Working on maritime topics like shipbuilding and harbour economy or on the latest questions in polar and marine research, the students of MZE can develop their talents and earn expertise. This will make it easier for them to go their own way in world marked by change, complexity and interdependency.

Maritime environment Wilhelmsburg

The district Wilhelmsburg is shaped by its island position, the Elbe and the neighbouring harbour, with all its economic and ecological influences. Pupils rediscover much of their direct environment in the MZE. That allows learning directly connected to their daily live.

What are the goals of MZE?

  • To open the comprehensive school for a tight cooperation with extern partners like businesses, research and cultural institutes.
  • To create new perspectives and vocational opportunities for a successful transition from school to working life.
  • To develop an attractive place for learning and research with innovative and practical learning opportunities.

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