University courses for students on Helgoland and Sylt

Modern equipped course rooms can be used for teaching purposes within scientific courses and workshops. At the Marine Station Helgoland there are two course rooms with 20 and 25 equipped workstations respectively, at the Wadden Sea Station Sylt there is one course room with 16 equipped workstations. Each workstation is equipped with a binocular and gooseneck lamp. One microscope is available for every two students. Various aids for working with living organisms such as tubs, aquariums, glassware, etc. are provided. Unfortunately, we cannot provide preparation sets and laboratory consumables and students would have to bring them with them. Basins with seawater flow are available in which live organisms can be kept. The course rooms are each equipped with a small library (about 100 books) with identification literature and various textbooks. The modern multimedia equipment allows to display images from binoculars and microscopes on large monitors. Access to our network is possible via eduroam. We can also set up temporary access to our guest network for you.

If required, an additional approx. 4 m² temperature constant room with seawater flow and a laboratory with basic equipment (photometer, fine balances, centrifuges, fume hood) can be provided. The use of the laboratory is obligatory if work is to be carried out with hazardous substances. The guidelines applicable to this can be found in the leaflet on handling chemical substances. Both the use of the temperature constancy room and the use of the laboratory must be registered with the coordinator of the guest research in good time. The contact person for technical questions is Uwe Nettelmann (, Tel.: 04725-819 3200).

Registration of university courses for Helgoland Sylt 2024

The registration deadline for university courses 2024 on Helgoland and Sylt has expired. Remaining places can be requested from Anna Bergmann.

Please register university courses in the web portal. For further questions please contact Anna Bergmann.