University courses

Two lecture rooms, offering 20 and 25 modern workplaces, are provided for teaching purposes to academic courses and workshops. Each workplace has a dissecting microscope and cold source lamp. Microscopes are also available (to be shared by two students). Oil immersion lenses are available upon request. A diverse supply of materials for working with living organisms, e.g. trays, aquaria, and glassware, are provided. Dissection kits and laboratory consumables have to be supplied by the courses themselves.

Several tanks with seawater connections are located in each lecture room, for cultivation of living organisms in a flow-through system. Each course room is also equipped with a fume hood. An additional cultivation room is provided in the basement of the Institute. Both lecture rooms have a small library (ca. 100 books), comprising the most pertinent identification keys and mainly phycology and ecology text books. A state of the art multimedia system is available in both course rooms. Two microscopes are connected to cameras and a beamer for presentations is also available. Camera images from the microscopes can be viewed on large wall screens either simultaneously or individually. A whiteboard has also been installed in both course rooms. Special paper and drying ovens are provided for those courses, which prepare herbariums on field-collected algae. If required, courses can use a ca. 4m² constant-temperature room with seawater connection and a laboratory with basic equipment(photometer, scale, extractor hood). Laboratory and fume hood use is compulsory if work with dangerous substances is planned (please download the 'Bulletin for handling chemical substances'). We kindly ask course instructors to register their requirements for the constant-temperature room and the laboratory well in advance. Please contact Mr Uwe Nettelmann (, Tel.: +49 4725-819 3212) for the organisation of technical issues.

School lab Opensea

In addition to its regular course programme, the BAH runs the OPENSEA lab, a facility dedicated to training secondary school kids. You are interested in this facility and what it can offer? You find further information here