Phytooptics Research Topics

New biooptical information from satellite data

Within our group new retrievals to derive new biooptical information (phytoplankton com-position, light availability, fluorescence of CDOM and chlorophyll) from hyper-spectral satellite data are established.

Oct 2008 ocean light availability [photon/s/m] from SCIAMACHY (Figure from Dinter et al. 2015)

In-situ biooptical measurements

Ground-truth data is essential for the validation of oceanic radiative transfer and satellite algorithms and the development of methods to analyse composition of particles, especially phytoplankton, and coloured dissolved organic matter from optical measurements.

Radiometers measuring the underwater light field on expedition ANTXXIV-4

Radiative transfer modelling

Our work focuses on the extension and evaluation of the Radiative Transfer Model (RTM) SCIATRAN which is developed at the Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Bremen (IUP), University Bremen, by Dr.  Vladimir Rozanov.

Scheme of coupled ocean-amtospheric RTM (dfrom Blum et al. 2012)