Shipboard training SoNoAT (South to North Atlantic Transect)

The SoNoAT2019 cruise on board of the RV Polarstern from 02nd June to 29th June 2019 will be designated to training and education. The data sampled during the cruise will be part of a newly establish data series on the transits of eth Icebreaker RV Polarstern from North to South (NoSoAT) and South to North (SoNoAT).

In general, all 25 successful scholars will be sorted in five groups. These groups of five will deal with all topics during the cruise on a rotating basis, at the end of the cruise each scholars had gone though all teachers and topics.

The topics are Oceanography, Climate, Micro plastic, Remote sensing, Molecular methods and Outreach

The SoNoAT2019 training is a joined activity of the AWI, POGO, the Nippon Foundation, the NUIG, ATLANTOS, and REKLIM.