Can I apply?

We are aiming for postgraduates (master or PhD) of climate and marine science related fields. Everyone is welcome to apply, emphasis will be given to excellent candidates from countries which are less equipped.

Do I have the right discipline?

We run a multidisciplinary approach and we are will aiming for a good balance between the fields of interest s of the scholars.

Is it mandatory to work in marine related topics for applying to the training?

Yes, a marine or climate science related topic.

What is covered?

The grant covers the travel cost to the pre-cruise workshop in Punta Arenas and the travel cost to the departure port Stanley, the accommodation on board (including meals), the accommodation (about one night depending on the flight schedule) in arrival port Bremerhaven and the return flight back home. Visa, travel to the starting (home airport), insurance or “pocket money” etc. won’t be reimbursed.

Where are the venues?

The workshop will be in Punta Arenas (Chile). The departure port wil be Stanley (Falklands). The arrival port will be Bremerhaven (Germany).

What specifically does the training involve?

The scholars will learn to sample in a professional environment and conduct deep cast with the CTD and a water rosette and XBt, as well as en-route sampling. The samples will be processed with an emphasis on nutrients, salinity, micro plastics and molecular methods. En-route methods will be micro plastic sampling, water vapour sampling, XBt data. The scholars will be involved in outreach activities.

What is expected of the participants during the cruise (daily tasks, etc) and at the end of the cruise (a report, etc)?

The scholars will have an all-day training 27 days on board, in the evening there will be daily meeting with talks and presentations. When sampling events are during night time, night shifts are requested. At the end of the cruise each scholar will contribute to the cruise report by writing small projects.

Is it necessary for the applicant to be already involved in some kind of project/work that he/she can incorporate during the cruise, or to propose a project that he/she would like to conduct?

No, the training and sampling units are set and prepared.

I want to know whether there will be geophysical studies carried out or training given during this cruise?

No, there emphasis is on “blue” water. There will be no geophysical studies carried out.

The CV does it have to be uploaded in English?

Yes, please.

Are translations of certificates / transcript needed?

Not for the first review round you can upload then as they are.

Questions and Answers

We hope that our Q and A section is helpful, if you still have questions don't hesitate to contact 

Dr. Eva-Maria  Brodte