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2000 meters deep in Antarctic ice

[08. January 2004] 

European ice core drilling project at Kohnen station retrieves old ice for climate research

At the Kohnen station operated by Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar- and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, the international drilling team reached a depth of 2000 meters on January 7 at 0210 hours. The ice from that depth is about 100.000 years old and yields information on climate conditions of the distant past.

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Polarstern examines re-colonization of the seafloor in Antarctica

[06. January 2004] 

Simulation of iceberg scraping: the first field experiment to test re-colonization of the seafloor in Antarctica


The 'Polarstern', research vessel of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, has just started a long-term field experiment on Antarctica's seafloor. Scientists are investigating how bare patches of the ocean's floor are re-colonized after disturbance events such as scraping icebergs.

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Christmas Greetings from Koldewey Station

[19. December 2003] 

One week before Christmas we "Überwinterer" are finally alone. We, that is station engineer Konstanze Piel and station leader Jens Kube. What does "alone" mean here in Ny-Ålesund? Mainly, that we are the only ones left at the German Koldewey-Station. The village of Ny-Ålesund, our home for one year, is hosting about thirty more people, most from Norway, but also from Sweden, China, and Japan. So we are not really lonely. And of cause, we also have contact to our friends, family, and colleagues by the means of modern communication.

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Antarctic researchers meet in Bremen

[17. December 2003] 

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) convenes July 25 through July 31 2004


The 28th International Antarctic conference of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research will take place in the Congress Centre in Bremen July 25 through July 31 2004. About 600 scientists from more than 30 countries are expected to attend this most important Antarctic research meeting. All disciplines of Antarctic research will be represented. Hence, the SCAR conference will provide a good opportunity to find out about the current status of and perspectives for Antarctic science.

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Reports from Kohnen Station 2003/2004

[11. December 2003] 

During the first days of December, the Kohnen-Station resumed activity for the season. Since then, the expedition team has reached its full complement. The members are doing well under sunny skies with temperatures of minus twenty degree celsius. There were no major problems in getting used to the altitude change from sea level to 3000 m within just a few hours.