Graduate theses since 2014

We supervise and support our students in writing their theses (eg Bachelor, Master, PhD thesis)

Name Year Title  
Meyer, Melanie Sanna 2018 Microplastic occurrence in biota-rich seawater samples of the southern North Sea - Analysis by µFTIR Master
Münzner, Florentina 2018 Microplastics transport simulations in the southern North Sea Master
Prume, Julia 2018 Quantification and identification of microplastics in southern North Sea sediments via FPA-based µFTIR imaging Master
Algueró-Muniz, Meri 2017 Zooplankton community responses to ocean acidification PhD thesis
Geisen, Carla 2017 Propriétés cellulaires et variabilité intraspécifique du phytoplancton Master
Grüner, Nico 2017 Fitness-based classification of phytoplankton species from the southern North Sea PhD thesis
Hildebrandt, Lars 2017 Microplastics on coastal North Sea sediments - Analyzed using Fourier Transform Infrared spectrocopy Master
Hoffmann, Daniel 2017 Qualitative und quantitative Analyse von potentiell pathogenen Vibrionen in der Deutschen Bucht mittels PCR Bachelor
Lanz, Klara 2017 Characterization of potentially pathogenic Vibrio spp. via Raman spectroscopy Master
Lesniowski, Thomas 2017 Physical and physiological growth constraints of key, North Sea gelatinous zooplankton PhD thesis
Roscher, Lisa 2017 Microplastic occurrence in North Sea surface waters - Analyzed using Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy Master
Wirzberger, Vanessa 2017 Detection of microplastics in Arctic deep-sea sediments by µFTIR spectroscopy Master
Gütermann, Julia 2016 Identification and quantification of microplastics in Arctic sea ice north of Svalbard Master
Gumpricht, Gustavo 2016 The influence of artificial coastal defence structures (tetrapods) on spatiotemporal dynamics of demersal fish in shallow subtidal waters in the Southern North Sea Master
Horn, Henriette 2016 Effects of ocean acidification and warming on microzooplankton communities PhD
Osudar, Roman 2016 Methane distribution and oxidation across aquatic interfaces: case studies from Arctic water bodies and the Elbe estuary PhD thesis
Schaal, Patrick 2016 Diversity of methanotrophic bacteria in the Elbe Estuary Master
Speidel, Linn 2016 Probenaufbereitung für die Analyse auf Mikroplastik mit µFTIR-Spektroskopie: Untersuchung des enzymatischen Verdaus von Plankton mit FlowCam und µFTIR Bachelor
Sprenger, Kristin 2016 The influence of artificial coastal defence structures (tetrapods) on spatiotemporal dynamics of macrozoobenthos in shallow subtidal waters in the Southern North Sea Master
Beyer, Birte 2015 Quantification and Identification of Microplastics in Arctic Sea Ice Master
Ecker, Ursula 2015 Gelatinous zooplankton food web in the southern North Sea Master
Erler, Rene 2015 Identification and characterization of Vibrio species PhD thesis
Ladehoff, Maike 2015 Microplastic occurrence in the southern North Sea - analyzed using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy Master
Lehmann, Liliana 2015 Acoustic communication in grey gurnards (Eutrigla gurnardus) - Evidence for intraspecific information transfer Master
Lucas, Judith 2015 Spatiotemporal dynamics of the bacterial community in the Greman Bight PhD thesis
Mattmüller, Ramona 2015 Growth of Aurelia aurita (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) polyps dependent on temperature and salinity Bachelor
Sander, Nils 2015 Alterations in plankton community interactions under future ocean acidification conditions Master
Timmermann, Maike 2015 The Specificity of Biofilm Communities on Synthetic Polymers in the Marine Environment Master
Fofonova, Vera 2014 Simulation of the Laptev Sea shelf dynamics with focus on the Lena Delta region PhD thesis
Göbel, Jan 2014 Impact of conspecifics on acoustic behavior of the grey gurnard, Eutrigla gurnardus Master
Hackbusch, Steffen 2014 Abundance and activity of methane oxidizing bacteria in the River Elbe Estuary Master
Hao, Wenjin 2014 Bacterial community associated with Jellyfish PhD thesis
Hartmann, Ilka 2014 Identification of Proteomic Biomarkers for potential pathogenic Vibrio spp. by MALDI‑TOF Mass Spectrometry Master
Int‑Veen, Ivo 2014 Identification and quantification of microplastics in waste water treatment plants Master
Karreman, Martijn J. 2014 Bacterial diversity in salinity gradients of the North‑ and the Baltic Sea Master
Kirmizi, Sidika 2014 Microplastic as vector for potentially pathogenic Vibrio spp. Master
Kuczera, Mirco 2014 Method development for the determination of microplastic particles in marine samples using micro‑FTIR ‑ FPA spectroscopy Master
Lorenz, Claudia 2014 Detection of microplastics in marine sediments of the German Coast via FT‑IR spectroscopy Master
Mintenig, S. 2014 Microplastic in plankton of the North‑ and Baltic Sea Master
Möller, Laura 2014 Effects of Ocean Acidification and temperature on the growth of polyps of the scyphozoan, Compass Jellyfish (Chrysaora hysoscella) Bachelor
Pott, Antonia 2014 A new method for the detection of microplastics in the North Sea brown shrimp (Crangon crangon) by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Master
Rummel, Christoph 2014 Occurrence and potential effects of plastic ingestion by pelagic and demersal fish from the North Sea and Baltic Sea Diplom
Seifried, Jasmin 2014 Diversity and dynamics of bacterial populations in marine bioaerosols PhD thesis
Wehkamp, Matthias 2014 Stereophotography in Marine Biology: Development, application and evaluation PhD thesis