Ny-Ålesund radiation measurements and atmospheric observatory (Photo: Jürgen Graeser)

Surface radiative fluxes are a key parameter of climate. The surface radiation budget sums up the downward shortwave radiation (global radiation) and the upward shortwave component reflected by the Earth's surface (reflective radiation), as well the upward thermal radiation emitted by the Earth's surface and the according downward thermal component by the atmosphere, both known as longwave radiative fluxes.
Since 1992 surface radiation measurements are operated at the AWIPEV research base, contributing to the  Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN). The long-term observations of surface radiation allow to identify signals of climate change.

Similar surface radiation measurements are operated at the Neumayer station in Antarctica.




Science: Dr. Marion Maturilli

Technique: Jürgen Graeser