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Research Vessel Heincke: Serving Science for 25 years

Heincke-Expedition HE-408
[03. July 2015] 

A quarter of a century old, with over 900,000 kilometres (488,842 nautical miles) logged and still on the cutting edge of science and technology: 8 July 2015 will mark the Research Vessel Heincke’s 25th “birthday”. Staff from the Alfred Wegener Institute, which operates the Heincke, take part in expeditions with the ship just as often as fellow researchers and students from Germany and abroad.

Press release

The oceans can’t take any more: researchers fear a fundamental change in the oceans – even if greenhouse emissions are successfully reduced

Coral reef and Boat (c) A. Venn
[02. July 2015] 

Our oceans need an immediate and substantial reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. If that doesn’t happen, we could see far-reaching and largely irreversible impacts on marine ecosystems, which would especially be felt in developing countries. That’s the conclusion of a new review study published today in the journal Science.


AWI Directors Visit Siberian Partner Institutes

[26. June 2015] 

From 14 to 21 June 2015, for the first time the two AWI-directors Prof Karin Lochte and Dr Karsten Wurr visited Siberia. Their goal: to meet our local research partners in person and to support the continuing development and expansion of Russian-German scientific collaborations.

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Few opportunities to change: ocean warming and oxygen loss are putting marine life under more and more pressure

[04. June 2015] 

If you want to live, you need to breathe and muster enough energy to move, find nourishment and reproduce. This basic tenet is just as valid for us human beings as it is for the animals inhabiting our oceans. Unfortunately, most marine animals will find it harder to satisfy these criteria, which are vital to their survival, in the future. That was the key message of a new study recently published in the journal Science.

Press release

Spotlight on marine litter: A new book presents the current state of research

[02. June 2015] 

A new book gives an overview of the current state of research and of research gaps concerning litter in our oceans: “Marine Anthropogenic Litter” will be released by Springer-Verlag as an Open Access publication in June 2015. The editors brought together experts from around the globe to contribute to the book. Estimates of the amount of litter in the world’s oceans, its distribution, effects on humans and biota, and prevention strategies are just some of the complex topics addressed in the book’s 16 chapters.