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Antarctic sunrise

First sunrise for the Antarctic wintering team

Polar night finally ends after two months

Sonnenaufgang an Neumayer-Station III 2015
[29. July 2015] 

On July 27th  the members of the wintering team at the Antarctic Neumayer Station III have seen the sun for the first time since May 21st. The polar night officially ended on July 22nd in Atka Bay (geographic coordinates: 70°40´S, 008°16´W). But the wind blew with 20 metres per second (8 Beaufort) and snowfall prevented the nine-member crew from watching the sun rising after two months.

Political Guest

Argentinean ambassador visited the AWI Bremerhaven

Talks about the successful German-Argentinean cooperation in Antarctica

AWI director Karin Lochte and the Argentinean ambassador Daniel Polski talked about the successful German-Argentinean cooperation at Carlini base, the Argentinean research base at Potter Cove, King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula.
[20. July 2015] 

The Argentinean ambassador in Germany, Daniel Polski, visited the AWI Bremerhaven today. In talks with AWI director Prof Dr Karin Lochte and several other AWI scientists the guest got to know more details about the institute itself and the long and successful German-Argentinean cooperation in Antarctica.

Call for action against climate change

Ban Ki-moon visits AWI research base

UN General Secretary caught up on the latest development of climate change

Uno General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon during his short visit at the AWIPEV station (8th of July 2015). He caught up on technologies to measure atmospheric climate parameters.
[10. July 2015] 

Together with AWI researchers Ban Ki-moon launched a radio-sonde. He was impressed by the balloon and the technical possibilities. In front of the glacier he called for action against the climate change.

Press release

Research Vessel Heincke: Serving Science for 25 years

Heincke-Expedition HE-408
[03. July 2015] 

A quarter of a century old, with over 900,000 kilometres (488,842 nautical miles) logged and still on the cutting edge of science and technology: 8 July 2015 will mark the Research Vessel Heincke’s 25th “birthday”. Staff from the Alfred Wegener Institute, which operates the Heincke, take part in expeditions with the ship just as often as fellow researchers and students from Germany and abroad.

Press release

The oceans can’t take any more: researchers fear a fundamental change in the oceans – even if greenhouse emissions are successfully reduced

Coral reef and Boat (c) A. Venn
[02. July 2015] 

Our oceans need an immediate and substantial reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. If that doesn’t happen, we could see far-reaching and largely irreversible impacts on marine ecosystems, which would especially be felt in developing countries. That’s the conclusion of a new review study published today in the journal Science.


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