News from the CSD

10.01.2016: Course "European Scientific Diver - geprüfter Forschungstaucher 2016" open for application.


20.11.2015: AWI dive expedition to the German Antarctic Station Neumayer III started

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18.11.2015: Field campaign of the Master student Jonas Löb successfully finished.

Enclosure used in the experimental set-up. (Photo: Jonas Löb)

Since the beginning of September Jonas Löb from Oldenburg University was part of our scientific diving group to work on his Master thesis. The topic of the thesis is about the effect of feeding pressure by herbivorous animals on the depth zonation of Fucus spp. on Helgoland. Therefore 24 enclosure cages (see photo - 12 fully closed and 12 half closed) and 12 open rings were equipped with the brown algae Fucus serratus and Fucus vesiculosus and were deployed near the MarGate experimental field in a water depth of around 5m. The experiment started on the 24th of September and lasted six weeks. On November the 5th the cages and rings were successfully recovered. The comparative approach shall increase the understanding how herbivorous feeding pressure affects different algal species, if feeding pressure can restrict the lower depth limit  of F. vesiculosus compared to F. serratus and additionally, whether the exclusion of herbivorous feeding pressure increases the competitive ability of F. vesiculosus compared to F. serratus.


07.11.2015: Field campaigns of the two Master students Gustavo Gumprich and Kristin Sprenger successfully finished.

Galathea sp. in the MarGate underwater experimental field off Helgoland. (Photo: Kristin Sprenger)

After three months of intense field work with a lot of scientific diving in the underwater experimental field MarGate off Helgoland, the two Master students and Certified Research Divers Gustavo Gumprich and Kristin Sprenger from University Rostock have successfully finished their field work. In stratified line-transect counting in 5 m and 10 m water depth, they assessed the fish and crustacean community in the MarGate field in the month August to October. The data are now analyzed and the two theses will be submitted before Christmas. The two studies are done in the framework of the long term project „Impact of coastal defence structures (tetrapods) on demersal fish and decapod crustaceans“ at the AWI Centre for Scientific Diving.