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Wadden sea station Sylt

Research at the Wadden Sea Station Sylt: The research station of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, offers a modern laboratory complex with research opportunities for 30 scientific and technical staff.


Front of Wadden sea station (2009)

For over 100 years, scientists study the Wadden Sea around Sylt. The first was the scientist and philosopher Karl August Möbius. He examined the oyster beds of Sylt and developed at their example the still valid concept of marine life community, the so-called Biozenöse.

His studies in combination with the later made ​​long-term data series allow researchers today comparisons with the current data collection. The research activities are focused to date on the ecosystem in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea and the adjacent shallow waters of the North Sea.

The Wadden Sea Station Sylt in List based on the oysters laboratory founded in 1924. Since 1998, the Wadden Sea Station Sylt is a research unit of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, headquartered in Bremerhaven.
coastal Research

At the Wadden Sea Station Sylt researchers supplement from Bio-and Geosciences their expertise to the study of natural and human influences on the sensitive coastal systems. Be explored long-term data series of geological and biological changes of coastal systems, the adaptation strategies of organisms that settle there. They also collect evidence like coastal systems respond to global change.

Research projects in coastal areas around the world generate insights into cross-system processes that are increasingly used by policy makers.

Excellent laboratory conditions - including aquariums and mesocosms - as well as immediate access to the Wadden Sea and the North Sea with research vessel Mya II provide a unique combination of laboratory and field studies.

In addition to the training and promotion of young scientists (including national and international students courses, supervision of visiting researchers), the public (especially in Forces of Nature Centre), local authorities and decision-makers about the research results will be informed and will meet the information needs of the target groups analyzed.

Guided tours of the Wadden Sea Station organized by the Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten from May 30 to October 31, 2014 every Friday at 10 clock. Meet at the Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten, Hafenstraße 37 in List. Cost: Adults 7 € (without guest card € 9), children 5 euros.


Pictures from the new building of wadden sea station

Wattenmeerstation Sylt: Blick auf Wattenmeerstation von Südwest mit Fokus auf den alten Eingang und die ursprüngliche Wattenmeerstation (siehe Schriftzug)

Wattenmeerstation Sylt: Blick auf den Haupteingang zwischen Altbau und Neubau von Süden her (Hafenstraߟe)

Wattenmeerstation Sylt: Detailaufnahme der Station von Osten mit Neubau und Übergang zum Altbau.

Wattenmeerstation Sylt: Blick von der Ostseite entlang des neuen Gebäudes nach Norden.

Wattenmeerstation Sylt: Blick auf ganze Ostseite des neuen Gebäudes.

Wattenmeerstation Sylt: Laboreinrichtung

Wattenmeerstation Sylt: Treffpunkt Foyer im Neubau.

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