Dr. Ingeborg Bussmann

Ingeborg Bussmann
Division Biosciences | Shelf Sea System Ecology
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Email Ingeborg Bussmann
Phone +49(4725)819-3230
Fax +49(4725)819-3369
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
D-27498 Helgoland
(Room A-C 28)

Research program

PACES II 1: Changes and regional feedbacks in Arctic and Antarctic
PACES II 2: Fragile coasts and shelf sea
PACES II 1.3: Degrading permafrost landscapes; carbon, energy and water fluxes
PACES II 2.2: Species interactions in changing and exploited coastal seas

Latest Publications

Conference Item
Diversity and abundance of methane oxidizing bacteria in the Elbe Estuary (2015)
Schaal, Patrick; Hackbusch, Steffen; Bussmann, Ingeborg; Wichels, Antje
hdl: 10013/epic.46023

Conference Item
Methane oxidation and methane distribution in the Lena Delta, Siberia, Russia (2015)
Bussmann, Ingeborg; Hackbusch, Steffen; Wichels, Antje
hdl: 10013/epic.46002

Water column methanotrophy controlled by a rapid oceanographic switch (2015)
Steinle, Lea; Graves, Carolyn A.; Treude, Tina; Ferre, Benedicte; Biastoch, Arne; Bussmann, Ingeborg; Berndt, Christian; Krastel, Sebastian; James, Rachael H.; Behrens, Erik; Böning, Claus W.; Greinert, Jens; Sapart, Celia-Julia; Scheinert, Markus; Sommer
hdl: 10013/epic.45419

Environmental factors affecting methane distribution and bacterial methane oxidation in the German Bight (North Sea) (2015)
Osudar, Roman; Matousu, Anna; Alawi, Mashal; Wagner, Dirk; Bussmann, Ingeborg
hdl: 10013/epic.45418

Assessment of the radio 3H-CH4 tracer technique to measure aerobic methane oxidation in the water column (2015)
Bussmann, Ingeborg; Matousu, Anna; Osudar, Roman; Mau, Susan
hdl: 10013/epic.45755